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  • What time is the check-in?
  • What time is the check-out?
  • Is it possible to leave after 11 a.m?
  • We are being late, we apologize. Could we check-in after 10 p.m please?
  • I cannot book my room via your website.
  • How can I book my room?
  • Is phone reservation possible?



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  • Your reservation is confirmed (accepted)
  • We would like to change our reservation. Is it possible?
  • You may cancel your reservation 10 days before your arrival.
  • Any changes made to your reservation are charged upon standard fees.
  • We do not accept cash, only online payments.









  • 200 euros deposit is required. Cancellation 30 months prior your arrival is still possible without any additional fees.
  • You may cancel your hotel reservation without any additional fees 20 days prior to your arrival.


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  • žHow can I get to the railway station, please?

  • žWhich train goes to London?

  • žWhat´s the nearest stop?

  • žWhat time does the train for London leave?

  • žThe train is being delayed for 20 minutes





  • žThe train leaves at 6 a.m

  • žThe train departs at 6 a.m

  • žI will take the earliest train to London.

  • žYour flight is being delayed.

  • žFasten your seat belts.

  • žEmergency doors are on the right.





  • žWhat time does the earliest train to Košice depart?

  • žThe earliest train to Košice departs at 7 a.m

  • žHello, I need one-way ticket to Warsaw




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