How online reading English websites can be useful to you


Reading in English is important when learning foreign languages. It is not easy to find English books  online and for free. 


You can find thousands of English websites  but only few of them will provide you with easy reading stories. Therefore, you need short stories for less advanced learners. 


With stories for beginners you can easily learn your desired language not only English. Authentic resources are a necessary tool when studying languages. Therefore, keep that in mind!


You can buy a book and read it at home but with Online reading you save money and time. I prefer online books but you may be the type of the person who adores printed books. 


On my website I create easy to read short stories for English learners. Stories incorporate everyday situations, not artificial conversations! I use common words, thus you will be studying authentic language. 


Authentic resources help you develop your speaking skills. Why? Because they contain conversational vocabulary. They say we only need to know 10 000 words for basic talk in English.


 I never tested this claim but theoretically speaking yes It's true. If you like to speak about common topics e.g. asking for directions, asking information. With my online reading English stories you can learn simple English sentences without headache.