The summer was over and the idea of leaving this town quenched my heart up to its core. Never have I felt so lonely, but this time was completely different. The emptiness suddenly took hold of my fragile, sad and impure soul.


I was flying from the bed up above, my body became lighter than ever before. ´´Am I dead?´´ I thought to myself. ´´No, this cannot be happening to me. Not now! I am so young!´´. Afterward, everything around me went into darkness.



When I opened up my eyes, Nick was standing near the bedside, gazing at me with his curious deep-set brownish eyes. I knew he won´t be waiting with his question. The question, He has wanted to ask for so long, if the chance turned up, He wouldn´t hesitate, not even one second.


´´Chloe, what happened?´´ said He with anguish in his voice.

´´I was walking down the street, that is the last thing I can remember.´´


The truth was walking in the night street was all I could recall. Throbbing pain became unbearable, so I had to take a pill.

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