Chapter 1



It was an ordinary day and I was preparing for my exams. I sat on the bed gazing out of the window. It would be summer soon and I already had so many plans.


But it was easier said than done. At first sight, things seemed to be fine but then they turned out to be bad again. The sun was shining bright and the sky was crystal clear. The temperature was getting higher with each day and the forecast for next week promised beautiful weather.

As the weather was beautiful today, I decided to take a walk. I opened the closet, searching for the trousers and brown leather jacket, I had bought last week in a shopping mall.

As I stepped outside, I took in the fresh air and let the sun warm my skin. I was walking down the street, wondering why I can´t concentrate on my exams.


In life you need certainty and when you can´t be sure about anything, you start becoming more and more anxious. I was tired of being anxious and of being outside, so I went back home.


Coming home I realized, I promised Kate to pay her a visit.
"Hello, Julia", she said, with a smile on her pale face.

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