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Why You Should not Learn Basic Spanish Without a Tutor?


´´Me Llama  Lenka´´ ´´ Como te Llama?´´ Does it sound familiar to you? 


Maybe yes or maybe not!


Well, then you´re the lucky one! Spanish is the language of charm and elegance. Almost everyone wants to speak it!


 Some people love learning Spanish because They would like to study Spanish Cultural background or learn about Spaniards in general. 


Spanish culture is quite interesting and alluring in its nature.


Maybe You have a friend or a boyfriend who speaks Spanish and you want to make a good impression while meeting their parents. 


Whatever the reason for studying Spanish is, you should never neglect the drilling. If you want to remember new words faster, then you should create associations between words by translating the whole sentences. This method helped me a lot!


Only via constant drills of vocabulary can you learn basic Spanish more easily! Nothing is easy or perfect!


Drilling vocabulary is especially important when you´re a complete beginner in the language.


A good tutor is an important asset of language learning for any student. Do not neglect this part at all. I thought ´´I do not need a teacher EVER!´´


Bad teachers will leave you drained and unable to express yourself in the language. Do your background study, check their history! The best way to go is to try Language Schools with good reputation!


Whereas great teachers will eventually help you in the acquisition of Spanish language.


Therefore, do the research beforehand to check the qualities of your teachers.


I would not pay thousands of euros for bad education. A good language school must meet lots of criteria in order to yield its results. 


WARNING! I am not implying that great teachers will teach you Spanish in few months. It all depends on various factors, ones which are beyond our control!


We are unique beings, someone learns faster, whereas others may learn slowly.


learn basic Spanish


Watch movies a lot


Movies watching helped me a lot when I was studying English or French language. Therefore, watch movies on daily basis. You could find lots of movies with subtitles in English which will help you follow the speech more easily!



Read Books For Beginners


Books for beginners are written for less advanced speakers and will simplify your learning a lot. Penguin books offer beginner, intermediate and advanced versions of stories for English learners as well as for Spanish students.


When you need to learn basic Spanish you shall weigh all your options. Some may prefer the lonely path, e.g. studying on their own.