How to Choose The Best Method For Studying Business English Writing?



Business English language is a form of language incorporated into the office environment. 


The language of office assistants, lawyers and journalists abounds with diversified expressions.


The little correlation between office assistant language and language of judges is the most vivid example.


Business language encompasses a wide range of topics.


Choose the field of your interest and based on this you can develop your business writing skills.


How to write emails formally?


First of all, the difference should be made between formal and informal language. What is formal language?


Formal language is typical for office workers, whereas informal tone is encountered by friends or acquaintances. 


Be clear 


Information contained within emails shall be concise and clear. Do not complicate things.


Try to be straight-forward in your language. The aim of communication is fast transfer of information and the same principle works for business communication.


Without properly expressed ideas, the receiver of the message may be confused, perplexed.


However, in business English writing, clear and concise manner shall prevail.


No Idioms


Never ever use idiomatic expressions in your emails. Idiomatic words sound unprofessionally and degrade the whole talk. 


Replace ´´I´´ with ´´we´´ if speaking on behalf of the company. 


Have a structure


Dear Sir/Madam,


Your order shall be processed within 10 days. You will be notified about the status of your order via email. 


With Regards



Business English writing may upset you a lot but with patience anything can be accomplished with ease.