quoteIntegrating technology into ELT

Why use technology? We are living in the digital age, meaning that computers and other interactive technologies have become essential parts of our lives. Technology is everywhere and affects the way we think, connect with others, shop, work etc. Our students use technology more and more outside the classroom. So why shouldn’t we? If we want to prepare our students for a successful future we need to change the way we teach. The times have changed, and students need to be prepared for the real world. If you want to integrate technology into your classroom but don’t know where to start, I will be happy to guide you.

Here is a list of my favourite tools divided into  sections:

1. Graphic Design Tools – Canva, Fotojet, Ripl

2.  Social Networking Tools – Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram

3. Mind Mapping Tools – Coggle, Text to Mindmap, Popplet

4. Storytelling Tools – Powtoon, Storybird, Makebeliefscomix

5. Infographics and Visualization Tools – Piktochart, Easel.ly, Vengage

6. Picture Galleries – Flickr, Pixabay, All Free Download

A practical guide to free technology in ELT


Download: educational-technology-for-teachers-1