Describing Places


Adjectives that describe places -INTERMEDIATE VOCABULARY

Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” – Anonymous.

Do you agree? Yes and yes, I agree! When we travel, we get to know entirely new cultures, meet strangers and explore unknown places and cities.

Are you able to describe cities in English? Do you use a wide range of adjectives in your speech?

In today’s post, we will look at a list of useful adjectives when describing cities. towns and countries. Enjoy!

touristy  –  full of tourists

Example: It used to be  a quiet fishing village, but now it’s become very touristy.

boring – not interesting or exciting

Example: This place is so boring – there’s never anything happening.

contemporary – modern, up -to -date

Example: New York is a city with a contemporary vibe.

lively – with a lof of things happening

Example: Porto is a lively city with lots of things to see.

picturesque – charming or attractive in a unique way

Example: This part of the city is especially picturesque.

bustling – a crowded and busy place

Example: This used to be a bustling town in the 19th century.

ancient – very old

Example: Rome is an ancient city.

compact – small

Example: This is a pretty compact town. You just need a bike to get around.

crowded – with lots of people 

Example: Algarve gets really crowded in the month of August.

charming – very attractive and pleasant

Example: There are a lot of charming places around here.

exciting – fun and thrilling with a lot of things to do

Example: Disneyland offers exciting activities for kids.

dazzling – extremely impressive or attractive 

Example: Dubai is a dazzling place.

magnificent – very  beautiful and deserving to be admired

Example: This place has a magnificent view.

peaceful quiet and calm

Example: This hotel is set in peaceful surroundings.


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